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Hints now available

Hint 1

Rearrange the words in each line to make a poem that rhymes.

Hint 2

A bird flew by the window today It seemed in a rush on the way To have a word about a hat Odd to take a balloon to do that Within a hat shop I've never seen a bird Which sounds silly and absurd But it is not my place to judge or stare Especially when I'm trying to rhyme in the dentist chair

Hint 3

Take one word from each line according to the notation at the bottom. (L=line, W=word)

Hint 4

L2W7 = the L3W4 = word L7W3 = is L8W8 = the L6W3 = silly L1W2 = bird L5W1 = within L4W5 = balloon


Looking within the word balloon for a silly bird uncovers the answer LOON.

Hint 5

Looking at the picture won't help you discover the word within balloon.