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Hints now available

Hint 1

The first letter of each line is bolded and you can rearrange those letters (and their respective lines) to spell out two words.

Hint 2

Some of the bolded letters have duplicates, so make sure that each line rhymes with one of it's neighbors.

Hint 4

The letters that you get from the back of the lines spell out the message "HAVE YOURSELF A _." You need to fill in the blank, but you should also use the bolded text in the signature of the message.

Hint 3

When the lines are rearranged correctly, the bolded letters spell "HAPPY CHRISTMAS," but you'll need to use the very bottom line of text to get a different set of letters.


When you combine the message and the signature, you have the message "HAVE YOURSELF A _ LITTLE CHRISTMAS," and you can fill in the blank with "MERRY" which is the answer. Merry Christmas, puzzler!