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Hints now available

Hint 1

Hincks and his cat love playing tic tac toe. 3 in a row in any direction wins. Looks like Hincks lost the first game. His cat didn't even bother making the final move.

Hint 2

5 games were played. Hincks won two and his cat won three. Putting the games in the order they were played is important.

Hint 3

Game 1: 0-1 (cat won) Game 2: 1-1 (Hincks won) Game 3: 1-2 (cat won) Game 4: 2-2 (Hincks won) Game 5: 2-3 (cat won)

Hint 4

Match the space of the winning move for each game with the placement of the letters in the lower right-hand corner.


TI CT AC CL AW Tic Tac Claw