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Hint 1

Each vertical phrase refers to one of the cards that can be seen in the house of cards.

Hint 2

The only one left = 8 of Hearts Can be high or low = Ace of Spades 8 higher than #4 = 10 of Hearts Touches 2 other cards = 2 of Diamonds As in dom or pin = King of Clubs Touches the most other cards = 6 of Diamonds

Hint 3

Most of the words at the very bottom are 13 letters long. Each suit in a deck of cards contains 13 cards.

Hint 4

Take the same number letter from the word making sure to use the suit that matches the suit of the card. The only one left = 8 of Hearts The 8th letter of Quizmastering = T


8 of Hearts = 8th letter of Quizmaster = T Ace of Spades = first or last letter of Revolutionizer = R (10-7) of Hearts = 3rd letter of Quizmastering = I 2 of Diamonds = 2nd letter of Scrumptiously = C King of Clubs = 13th letter of Laughingstock = K (7+6) of Diamonds = 13th letter of Scrumptiously = Y TRICKY