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Hints now available

Hint 1

These are some common rules for escape rooms, but it looks like the bolded words have been changed...

Hint 2

Actually, the bolded words can be used in conjunction with the words that they replaced. Try to figure out the word that SHOULD be there, and pair it with the bolded word.

Hint 3

The pairs of words that you get when you look at the bolded words are: -"BOARD" pairs with "KEY" -"JOT" pairs with "DOWN" -"MEAT" pairs with "LOCKER" -"CHICKEN" pairs with "FINGER" -"TEASER" pairs with "BRAIN"

Hint 4

Now that you have pairs of words, look at the corresponding blanks at the bottom of the puzzle. For the first blank, you'll need to find a five-letter word that is a "PARTNER" to the combination of "BOARD" and "KEY."


After you've filled in all the blanks, you get one letter from each line, which spells out "SPIEL."

Hint 5

Once the blanks at the bottom of the page are filled in, you'll get: 1. "MOUSE" (partner of keyboard) 2. "PEN" (tool to jot something down) 3. "FREEZING" (the temperature in a meat locker is almost freezing) 4. "HONEY MUSTARD" (the sauce that you could put on chicken fingers) 5. "RIDDLE"/"PUZZLE" (the question part of a brain teaser) Don't forget to look at the stars in the blanks!