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Hints now available

Hint 1

Noting the colors of Hincks's favorite snacks is a good place to start.

Hint 2

Collect the characters within the picture in order of the colors of Hincks's favorite snacks. Ex: Twizzlers = red = "RE"

Hint 3

Twizzlers = red = RE Chocolate = brown = AL Berries = blue (by process of elimation since the other berry colors are used elsewhere) = NA Kale = dark green = ME- Lemons = yellow = 1 Eggplant = purple = ST Cheetos = orange = 3 Shrimp = pink = + Celery = light green = E REALNAME-1ST3+E


By taking the real name of the animal Hincks believes to be a unicorn (narwhal), subtracting the first three letters and adding an "e" to the end, the word WHALE is found.