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Hints now available

Hint 1

There are 12 nonsense words and 12 bolded letters.

Hint 2

The position of each bolded letter will tell you whether it goes at the beginning, end, or in the middle of the word.


(middle) H = Tis = This (lower) S = I = is (upper) T = He = the (upper) W = arm = warm (lower) D = be = bed (upper) T = hat = that (upper) B = utter = butter (middle) R = coves = covers (upper) E = every (middle) W = Dan = dawn (upper) W = heat = wheat (upper) P = lease = please This is the warm bed that butter covers every dawn. Wheat, please. TOAST

Hint 3

H is in the middle position, so adding it somewhere in the middle of the word "Tis" creates the word "This."