• Anna

7 Things You Wind Up Saying to The Escape-Crazed Friend

You probably have that friend in your group. (You might even be that friend in your group.)

You know, the one that can't get enough of escape rooms and it starts affecting their (and your) everyday life.

To cope with this friend you may find yourself saying things like:

1. Do you really think we need winner signs in every photo we take? We're just grabbing lunch.

2. Stop talking to the security camera. They don't have any "hints" for you.

3. Why are you flipping over that rug?

4. There’s probably no door behind the bookcase in this library. We could probably leave it alone.

5. No, that’s a real book with words that I'm actually reading.

6. I’ve changed my password since the last time you "cracked" it.

And over and over:

7. Oh, I believe you could open it but I think it’s locked for a reason.

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