• Anna

9 Tips For Crushing Escape Room Records

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

1. Memorize morse code Make sure you’re fluent in written form, beeps, and flashing lights. 

2. Don’t waste time celebrating Open a lock. Good for you. Move on. You can celebrate after at Chick-Fil-A.

3. Never watch the video Before the clock starts is the time to get a leg up on the competition. Don’t touch anything. That’s cheating. Just observe. How many of each type of lock is in the room? Is the clock on the wall stopped? Can you flip this rug or is there furniture sitting on it?

4. Bilberry Carrots can help your vision during the day but what you need in your diet is the bilberry fruit. Only provided one flashlight? Your night vision is now on point. 

5. I don’t need a hint, but.. Every time you communicate with the game master make it clear you are not taking an official hint. 

6. Borrow a child to search the room for you Your kids, your relative’s kids, your friend’s kids, doesn’t matter. You will never find the hide-a-key box under the table. But they will. 

7. Get a tattoo We recommend the letters of the alphabet paired with their corresponding number. 

8. Develop a system of hand signals

Don’t let the game master have the upper hand by hearing you talk. Communicate with your team on your own terms. 

9. Visualization

Only play escape rooms when you’re hungry. Find out what the record time is and visualize the restaurant you’re going to after closing at that same time.

Maybe once we get to having played 350 escape rooms we'll have tips that are more practical. We'll let you know. For now, comment on FB with your team's record crushing tips.

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