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Ace's Dunzo List

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

*Disclaimer: No one is actually on Ace's dunzo list, he's just blogging while hangry.

We recently had a great trip through Northern California. Over the course of 5 days, we played every game on the list of the best rooms in northern California from EscapeRoomTips, managed to grab a game (and a record!) with Randy from Escape Rumors, and hit the milestone of our 350th game!

During those 5 days (and 16 games), we played exactly 1 game with strangers. And it didn’t go well.

15 super fun games and 1 bummer game?

15 private games and 1 game with the general public?

I'm starting to see the connection and it's you.

So this post is for you, general public. I'm going to let you know ahead of time, if you play a game with me, and act up, you go on my Dunzo list.

What kind of things can get you tossed on the dunzo list?

Glad you asked.

I’m not a fan of locks that freeze you out. I understand that designers want to stop me from brute-forcing their puzzles, but there are better ways to do it. Alas, these types of locks are not uncommon. But, if you play a game with me, and you lock our team out of a safe because you’re trying silly combinations, you and me are dunzo.

Want to go mini-golfing after the room is over? Too bad, you’ll be putt-putting by yourself, because we’re dunzo. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before you try those numbers on the old price tag that is obviously not part of the room? Don’t lock us out!

There are lots of things to pick up in an escape room. It’s great! Everyone likes to hold things, right?! Of course they do. But if you want to hold on to more than one piece of one puzzle, you should also pick up a pencil. And then use that pencil to write your name on my list, because we’re dunzo.

Oh, you want to go grab some apps later, maybe share some fried pickles? Well, maybe you should’ve shared the clues with me. Now we’re dunzo, and I’m going to eat all the fried pickles myself.

Sometimes a room gives a team a chance to do a Cool Thing, but only one person can do it. Maybe they get to go in a room by themselves. Maybe they get to put on special goggles that let them see interesting things. Maybe it’s just that there is only one blacklight, and they get to direct where it’s pointed.

I don’t care what it is, but when something cool happens, you should at least look at the rest of the group to figure out who gets to be Super Cool for a few minutes. We’re a team and we all want to do the Cool Thing. If you just start doing it without even acknowledging that other people might also enjoy it, guess what? Yep, dunzo.

You want to go snorkeling together? Sorry, I’ve already got plans to go visit Dunzo, where the population is you.

Except, I’m not even going to go there.

Because we’re dunzo.

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