• Anna

If You Like Escape Rooms, You'll Like This... PODCAST

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Recently, we've been having a blast getting together with Ace's uncle and uncle's fiance (congrats Scott and Cortney!) every few weeks to play a super innovative podcast.

Wait wait wait, did you just say "play a podcast"? Yes I did. Escape This Podcast is half escape room, half RPG and really a lot of quality content that you can listen to and download completely for free.


Here's how we work it. Each time we have an Escape This Podcast event, the GM that week (it rotates) listens to the episode beforehand to fully experience the story. They also download the posted guide and do a quick read-through.

That week's GM has full control over changing anything they want to (there's no way for the rest of us to know what they've changed during the game so we have fun asking afterward, "so did you change anything?!").

A game usually takes about 1.5 hours and we always have plenty of paper and pens to sketch out the room and take notes, and oreos and a spooky youtube music track because obvi.


I feel like I can especially appreciate Dani and Bill's podcast creation as a couple of road trips ago during a loooooong drive, I said to Ace, "If only we could play escape rooms in the car! Wait, I could make an audio escape room that I can describe to you as you drive. Give me a minute, it will be amazing."


Two hours later I had four half-baked puzzles and a very tired brain. Thank goodness we came across ETP and never looked back.

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