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IYL ERs TYL: Nancy Drew Games

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

If You Like Escape Rooms, Then You’ll Like: Nancy Drew Games

Everything I know about escape rooms I learned from Nancy Drew. Ok that’s not true but sometimes it feels true. 

If you don’t know what the Nancy Drew computer games are, they’re PC (or Mac) now downloadable computer games (I find Steam the best place to acquire and play them now, though they don’t have all the games) that let you play as the classic teen detective solving puzzles and questioning suspects in Nancy’s signature sassy style. 

These games usually take at least 10 hours if not more like 30 and are a 1-player point-and-click game that we always connect to the tv and have 2 to 10 people shouting about where to make Nancy go and what Nancy should do next. 

I discovered these magical games with friends in middle school and when I started playing escape rooms in my 20s I found myself saying, “I know how to do that puzzle! I’ve done it before in a Nancy Drew game!”

I highly recommend any of them except Kapu Cave and one of my favs is the old school, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. 

Have you heard of these? Played them all? Love them? Hate them? Post in the comments! (Though I know, I know, you’ll have to make an account to do so. Thanks Wix.) 

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