• Anna

Team Bluefish Designs an Escape Room Board Game

Ace and I have been working for just over a year now on an escape room board game. We love the at-home escape game options out there like Unlock!, Exit, and Escape Room in a Box, but we kept thinking to ourselves what if there was a new type of at-home escape? One that was more of a board game, with characters and pawns, and actions, and power-ups! A game that wasn’t time-based but turn based so you can solve puzzles at your own pace (since you’re at home aren’t you? Take all the time you want!)

And thus Escape the Monotony was born. This game has gone through many iterations and we owe a lot of people from all over the country a beer for brainstorming with us, play-testing multiple versions of the game and helping us shape this idea into something real. 

We’ll be starting a Kickstarter campaign in the next few months and until then will be posting updates and teasers on our blog. Sign up for our e-newsletter below if you want to  get these updates in your inbox. Thanks all! 

MORE Puzzles, Please