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Up Your Lobby Game

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

A few weeks ago, Team Bluefish got a chance to play a couple escape rooms at one of the newer facilities in Phoenix, The Room.

We really enjoyed the games at The Room.  The Speakeasy game was a great homage to the Prohibition era and did a really good job of using some interesting puzzle mechanics to bring that era to life.  The Treasure Island game (my personal favorite) had some very slick reveals and offered a set of puzzles that managed to walk a fine line between being challenging for veterans and approachable for newcomers.


Both of those games are very well done. The sets are extremely immersive and the games are good enough so that players are going to finish one and want to play the rest. But what I really wanted to call attention to is the lobby at The Room. 

It’s definitely worth arriving early for a game at The Room, because the management has taken the time to make it a place where you want to hang out.  There’s plenty of comfortable seating, including a party room that is available for group rentals whenever it’s not being used for other cool activities that the business is sponsoring (note: these are still in development, but the teasers we got sounded like they would be the perfect date-night).


The first thing you’ll notice when entering The Room is that they have a beautiful full bar in the lobby. I don’t mean that they have a mini-fridge next to a cart, I mean a FULL BAR! When we were there, the bar was still at the BYOB (yes, they’re licensed for that) phase, but they told us that full service was coming in the very near future (and it may have already arrived, since we’ve been there).  We were there for an escape game, but I was ready to take a load off and chill out with some of the tabletop games and puzzles they provide.


As escape rooms are getting better, and they’re becoming more mainstream, I think we’re starting to hold them to a higher standard.  A few folding chairs in a bland, dim entryway used to be enough, but that’s not true anymore.  Companies like The Room are showing that we can (and should) expect high-performing businesses to create a great experience that extends from the moment you think about going to an escape room til long after you’ve opened that last lock.


As an event organizer, The Room is a business that I’m excited to visit again and that I will be recommending to anyone who wants a side of nice atmosphere with their escape room. I hope that other businesses take note, and try to see what a first-timer sees when they enter the business.

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