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You'll Think You're On A Movie Set Playing These 3 Phoenix Escape Rooms

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Question: You have one hour to spend anywhere. Real or imaginary. Past or future. On this planet or far, far away. Where do you go? Escape rooms have the unique position to allow its players to escape into another world while the players ironically try to escape out of it.

Sorry grandma’s attic but you just don’t make the cut for my I-can-go-anywhere-for-one-hour list. In our travels we’ve dug up pirate treasure on sandy shores, kept an underground bunker powered up by franticly peddling a stationary bike, been held at gunpoint after crawling through the air ducts of a secret society’s lair, and found our way to the end of a sinister maze just to have the walls adorned with spikes begin to close in on us.

Looking for an escape room you won’t want to escape from? The Phoenix escape room scene has some great sets to offer (and a few duds, tbh), but there are a few that stand out above the rest.

Time out (Zach Morris style)

Clothes don’t always make the man. A brilliant puzzle in a plain room can make our brains light up with excitement, while a frustrating puzzle, even on Mars, is still just that, frustrating. Want our list of the smartest escape rooms in Phoenix? Well we haven’t written it yet, but if you need a recommendation asap just ask (email, fb, whatevs).

Ok, time in. Keep reading for some of the best dressed escapes in town.

Mad Hatter,


Everytime we walk into a new room at Eludesions they seem to have turned the dial up another notch and their newest room, Mad Hatter, does not disappoint. Ace’s Uncle Scott saw the room before it opened at told us, “Guys, we have to go do this room. There’s this tree and it’s amazing!” And the tree was amazing but I almost didn’t even notice it because of the seriously high production level of everything in the room. I especially like Eludesions sets because it doesn’t feel like they bought and installed expensive pieces from corporate America. It looks like they put blood, sweat, and tears crafting giant art that we get to traipse through for an hour.

Horcrux Hysteria,

Alcatraz Escape Games

Alcatraz Escape Games started the party right when we walked in and saw their jail-style front desk and ended the experience by taking our victory photo in wizard robes, wands, and a very accurate looking sorting hat. But that’s nothing compared to the room itself. We were in Hogwarts. Legit Hogwarts. I’m 99% sure they just installed an actual portal to the wizarding world. Floo powder! Oh, I have a good idea for them. In addition to the overall scene making you instantly believe you’re Harry Potter, their attention to detail is insanely meticulous.

Amazon Rainforest,

International Escape Room AZ

This game... Ok, so we just played a fairly well known escape Room in New Orleans called Highjacked where you are on an actual plane with seats, tiny airplane bathroom, and flight attendant help buttons. Where else could you play something so unique and realistic? Right here in AZ! International Escape Room (first opened in Ecuador) straps you into seats on a crashed plane only to let you escape the plane fairly quickly so you can move on the exploring a rainforest filled with secrets. This is one of my new favorite games in Phoenix because of their adventure style puzzle design, adaptability to amount of players, and jaw-dropping set! I watched Lost religiously in college so this room definitely makes my I-can-go-anywhere-for-one-hour list.

These are just three of the movie set-like games in Phoenix. We could make a good sized list of all the incredible larger than life games you can play locally. That’s a good idea. Watch for a more comprehensive list of larger than life games, coming soon. In the meantime, as always, feel free to reach out for specific recommendations!

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