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Hints now available

Hint 1

Mr. Hincks plans on watching 5 classic Halloween movies, but their titles have been encoded.

Hint 2

Use the description to figure out what the movie title is, then use the movie title to figure out how it's been encoded. Movie 1: A Halloween and Christmas Tim Burton film is The Nightmare Before Christmas. This title has been pushed together and written backwards. Decode the word(s) below the movie title using this same method. gnissimeht = the missing


The missing movie about a friendly ghost is Casper.

Hint 3

Movie 1: The Nightmare Before Christmas (backwards) = the missing Movie 2: Beetlejuice (vowels to numbers) = movie Movie 3: Hocus Pocus (shift 1) = about a Movie 4: The Addams Family (letters to symbols) = friendly Movie 5: Ghostbusters (ABCs between letters) = ghost