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An eccentric at-home puzzle game for room escapers, board gamers, and the curious-minded.

Use physical puzzle materials to find solutions that move the virtual elevator. 


Gather a quick-witted chum or two and spend a day unriddling the clues.


Your name just may go down in history!

(In the Hincks Hall of Fame that is.)

Who is this Hincks? 

Inventor Stephen P. Hincks has been developing a set of confounding puzzles and he is finally ready to present them to you.


Hincks has ensured that solving these puzzles will be no ordinary endeavor. To activate this adventure, you must first gain access to The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks.

IS this any old elevator? Certainly not! Unlike a normal elevator, the Hincks Elevator doesn’t take you from the parking garage to the food court to acquire a delicious hot dog on a stick. 


MAd he hadn't dreamt up this elevator decades ago, Hincks has now developed and deployed this virtual elevator to the internet at

YET one more thing must be known. A parcel of physical materials which Mr. Hincks has deemed necessary to solve his enigmas must be acquired. Solve the physical puzzles and use his browser-based elevator to verify solutions you derive.  

Brilliant solutions will activate the elevator and send you to the next floor. If you manage to outsmart Mr. Hincks, you'll find a slice of personal glory. Mr. Hincks keeps a list of all those who have run his puzzle gamut, and a casual mention that your name is on that list could make you the center of attention at your next formal gathering-- not that you'd stoop to such self-aggrandizement, of course.


1-4 players Recommended

2-4 Hours

Game Box of Physical Puzzles

Online Hints and Solution Entry

No Timer!

Unlimited Hints at Your Own Pace


MORE Puzzles, Please

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