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Discover the puzzles hidden in 

Same games, 2 ways to buy:


Or, missing a couple specific issues?

Like an escape room and a crossword were put into a blender and served with a side of small town charm.

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2022 Golden Lock Award Transparent.png

"Hincks Gazette was delightful. The writing was fun and funny. We enjoyed this short, light-hearted puzzle paper."
Room Escape Artist

"Wacky, eccentric fun. I’m amazed at how many puzzles they can hide in the Hincks Gazette. Every single article in the paper has a puzzle, well-hidden enough that it’s completely invisible if you haven’t ‘unlocked’ it."
Armchair Escapist

"It's nice quality components. The bonus things, it looks like real stuff, but it's all just fake in this universe."
Board Game Blitz

1-2 players recommended

1-2 hours per issue

11x17 double-sided newspapers

Online hints and solution entry

No timer!

Unlimited hints at your own pace

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