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Ships within 3 business days from AZ, USA.

International customers are responsible for paying any customs duties and import taxes associated with their purchase. 


Gift some puzzling holiday cheer with:

  • ALL FOUR Deluxe Boxed Sets of The Hincks Gazette,
    • Gazette Deluxe Boxed Set #1 (Vol. 1, Issues 1-6),
    • Gazette Deluxe Boxed Set #2 (Vol. 1, Issues 7-12),

    • Gazette Deluxe Boxed Set #3 (Vol. 2, Issues 1-6),

    • Gazette Deluxe Boxed Set #4 (Vol. 2, Issues 7-12),

  • Poster or Magnet chart for tracking played Gazette issues,
  • Welcome to Hincksville magnet,
  • Plus your choice of holiday greeting card with a custom message from you,
  • All in a shipping box filled with festive paper! 


Gazette Deluxe Boxed Sets 

  • Two identical copies of 6 issues of The Hincks Gazette. Each issue is a 1-2 hour puzzle game.
  • Three pieces of mail containing a set of Hincksville souvenirs. (Collect all 4 pencils, stickers, and pins throughout the 4 Gazette Deluxe Boxed Sets!)
  • Six collectible stickers to track your progress through the 24 total issues of the Gazette.


"Like an escape room and a crossword puzzle were put into a blender and served with a side of small town charm." 


Each issue of The Hincks Gazette is a self-contained game which includes a front-page article filling you in on the debacle currently turning Hincksville upside down, and a path of connected puzzles which will ultimately help you solve the central conundrum and save* the day! (*wherein “save” can be defined as, but not limited to: successfully troubleshooting your houseplant that won’t stop sassing you, preserving the historical record of astronautical dinosaurs, or uncovering the truth behind the suspiciously helpful robot bellhops).


The Hincks Gazette is best played with 1-2 players, and has a playtime of 60-120 minutes per issue. The rules are simple, just start at START and you'll be on your way. While this game is mostly played offline, players can visit the Hincksville website to solve the mystery or access hints.


  • 1-2 players recommended
  • 6-12 hours of puzzle fun (1-2 hours per issue x 6 issues)
  • Online hints and final answer submission.
  • No time limit!



Gazette Tracker: Choice of Magnet Chart or Poster Chart

Track the issues of The Hincks Gazette that you've finished by placing the Collectible Sticker from each mailing on your tracking chart!

  • Magnet Chart is 7"x7"
  • Poster Chart is 11"x14"

Gift Set: All Deluxe Boxed Sets of The Hincks Gazette


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