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Solve this episode of my unconventional podcast to add your name to the leaderboard.


Heading 1

Hint 1

There are 15 words hidden in the letters that have something in common. Every letter is used exactly one.

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Hint 2

The horizontal words are "LIZARD," "RED," "PURPLE," "BLUE," "SNAKE."

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Hint 3

The vertical words are "SCULPTOR," "REPTILE," "CHAPEL," "ITALIAN," "SEWER," "PAINT," "GREEN," "SHELL," "MASK," and "HERO."

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Hint 4

Once you've found all the words, you'll need to think of someone who DOES NOT have any traits that match the horizontal words and DOES have traits that match the vertical words.

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All the clues point to MICHELANGELO, the masked ninja turtle who lives in the sewer, or the artist who worked on the Sistine Chapel.

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