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Like an

escape room,

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own home.





An At-Home Puzzle Adventure

"The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks. I liked it."

-Eric Summerer

The Dice Tower

Discover the Puzzles Hidden in 

"A great selection of puzzles that were completely hidden until we unlocked how to solve them from elsewhere in the gazette.

The story is fun and tongue-in-cheek, and the illustrations are great."

-ArmChair Escapist

How to Disrupt Monotony

Step 1:

Order puzzle game(s).


Step 2:

Check the mail impatiently until said puzzle game(s) arrive.


Step 3:

Puzzle, brainstorm, creatively problem solve, chuckle, say "ah-ha" a bunch and defeat the game.


Step 4:

Add your name to the leaderboard and high-five.

Or if you have a secret handshake or whatever, that's fine too.

Online hints, solutions & leaderboard

Game box of physical puzzles

1-4 players recommended

3-5 hours

Online hints, solutions & leaderboard

11x17 double-sided newspaper

1-2 players recommended

1-2 hours per edition


Hincks Gazette

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