Your Clever Brain DESERVES Clever Games

Like an

escape room,

but in your

own home.




Take on Hincks's test of wits


An At-Home Puzzle Adventure

Discover the puzzles hidden in 

Then PLay the

monthly Spin-off

Online hints and solutions

Game box of physical puzzles

1-4 players recommended

2-4 hours

Online hints and solutions

11x17 double-sided newspaper

1-2 players recommended

1-2 hours per edition


Hincks Gazette

How to Disrupt Monotony

Step 1:

Order puzzle game(s).


Step 2:

Check the mail impatiently until said puzzle game(s) arrive.


Step 3:

Puzzle, brainstorm, creatively problem solve, chuckle, say "ah-ha" and defeat the game.


Step 4:

Add your name to the Hincks Hall of Fame and high-five.

Or if you have a secret handshake or whatever, that's fine too.

"It’s weird and eccentric.


It’s almost like Charlie’s candy factory but mixed with an intellectual Hincks."

-Escape Mattster

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