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How to Have an Escape Room-ish Wedding in 10 Easy Steps

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Step 1: Meet your best friend and soulmate, do 200 escape rooms together and let him surprise you with a proposal in an escape room while on a trip you were 100% sure he was not going to propose during. 

Step 2: Set the stage for a nice, normal wedding. No tricks in store here...

Step 3: Only cry a little as you lock away letters you wrote to each other that you’ll unlock together and read on your anniversary. 

Step 4: Start the party with a little confusion. After all, if your guests can't find their seat, you don't have to pay for their meal, right?

Step 5: Make the guests work for their favors. 

Step 6: Be surprised when all the guests stand up and toast, "to Team Bluefish!” (I still don’t know how my sisters pulled this off.)

Step 7: Have the guests help create a puzzle you'll have a dickens of a time putting back together later. 

Step 8: Get a taste of your own medicine by having your rings locked up by one of your bridesmaids with a little sneaky help from the photographer. 

Step 9: Dance! 

Step 10: Leave on your honeymoon for a cross-country road trip to obviously play a bunch of escape rooms. 


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