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Best of Phoenix Escape Rooms

Updated: Sep 25

We make tabletop puzzle games because we were spending far too much time playing board games and escape rooms, so we thought it would be more time efficient to combine the two. Well, jokes on us because now we play board games and escape rooms AND escape room board games.

When not puzzling over conundrums in Hincksville, we love keeping up with the escape room scene in our second favorite city, Phoenix, Arizona.

There are 136 escape games (and counting) at 34 businesses (and counting) in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.

How to choose where and what to play?

*Note: We can't guarantee that any of the rooms listed below have been maintained to the level they were at when we played them.


Evil Robots

The Nemesis Club (Phoenix)

Budget time to grab a world-class milkshake at their secret entrance.

Mogollon Monster

The Nemesis Club (Phoenix)

Both Evil Robots and Mogollon Monster are fantastic. If you are only going to be able to play one, we'd recommend Mogollon Monster.

Return of the Pharaohs

Paragon Escape Games (Mesa)

Sal's Cybernetics

The Immersive Machine (Phoenix)

Best Set Production

Amazon Rainforest

International Room Escape AZ (Gilbert)

Escape From Oz

Eludesions Escape Rooms (Phoenix)

Legend of the 7th Stone

North Valley Escape Room (Anthem)

Wizard Hysteria

Alcatraz Escape Games (Tempe)


Arizona Steampunk Railway

North Valley Escape Room (Anthem)

Nora's Nightmare

Puzzling Escape (Mesa)

Pipe Works

Puzzle Effect Phoenix (Phoenix)

For Larger Groups

Escape from Alcatraz

North Valley Escape Room (Anthem)

Mad Hatter

Eludesions Escape Rooms (Phoenix)


Great Room Escape (Tempe)

for your first escape


Inferno (Tempe)


Escapology (Gilbert)

Unhaunt the Mansion

Axescape the Room (Surprise)

Best Puzzles

Becoming Houdini

Puzzling Escape (Mesa)

Big Top Circus

North Valley Escape Room (Anthem)

Isle of Wonder

The Greatest Escape (Phoenix)

Kate's Motel

Escape:Chandler (Chandler)

For a Good Scare


Escape Rooms Mesa (Mesa)

Zombie Panic

Alcatraz Escape Games (Tempe)

Great for Date Night

Grim Stacks

The Puzzle Effect (Phoenix)

Rush Hour

The Zone Escape Rooms (Tempe)


Lockdown Escape Rooms (Scottsdale)

Perfect for Families

Save Escapy

International Room Escape AZ (Gilbert)

Treasure Island

The Room Escape Games (Avondale)


Escape Rooms Mesa (Mesa)

Want a specific recommendation?

Just ask!

We continuously update this list as new great rooms open in Phoenix.

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